I was having a conversation earlier with friends yesterday about soul mates; do they exist? How do we find them? Do we really only get one? What if your soul mate gets hitched, are you then doomed for life? This is an issue we couldn’t really get to the bottom of you see.


Firstly who is a soul mate?  Your soul mate is supposed to be this person you have been pre-ordained to spend the rest of your life with and enjoy marital bliss. This is the person you are supposed to be perfectly compatible and want to conquer the world with.


You are supposed to meet your soulmate at some random point in your life and spark up a connection by the machinations of fate. That kinda makes sense right, but if everyone has a soul mate then what happens to the soul mates of those who die before finding their soul mates? Do they automatically get paired up with someone else in some cosmic reshuffling, or have they lost their chance at eternal bliss?


The thing is some people decide to go wild for a while before looking for anything serious, so what if a person meets his/her soul mate within those wild years? Is a second chance by said soul mate destined after some grand realization after the fact, all by the universe's grand design or some shii like that? Also what happens to the soul mates of the strippers, porn stars and prostitutes of this world? No wonder there are so many unhappy marriages out there, your soul mate just might be out there twerking in a Davido music video or in a whatsapp group looking for sugar mummies.


Personally I don't believe in soul mates. I think people like to pin life’s events on some grand design to make them feel better about the clear randomness of it all, but let’s face it, how feasible is it to actually have only one person out of more than 7 billion people that you can actually live happily with. What if your soul mate is in China and you are in Alaska? Damn you're screwed.


In the end I think soul mates are people who have put in the time and effort to understand and love each other despite their flaws, and not people thrust together by some quirk of fate. What do you think?